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Theaker Joinery specializes in a variety of timber joinery projects, including but not limited to, staircases, windows, doors, conservatories, and bespoke furniture for both commercial and residential properties.

Yes, Theaker Joinery can design and manufacture bespoke joinery to meet your specific requirements.

Theaker Joinery can manufacture staircases from solid softwood, solid hardwood, or engineered timber. They can also use plywood and medium density fibreboard for risers and treads.

Theaker Joinery can manufacture staircases with a variety of features and configurations, including closed or open strings, closed or open risers, straight or curved staircases, half or quarter landings, winder treads, and domestic or commercial staircases.

Yes, Theaker Joinery offers balustrading services with a range of flat or turned timber components, glass or steel infill, and bespoke turning to meet your size and shape requirements

Yes, Theaker Joinery takes great care when working on listed buildings and conservation projects to ensure that the character and features of the joinery is in-keeping with the property and will not alter the aesthetics of the building.

Theaker Joinery has worked on a variety of commercial projects, including manufacturing timber joinery for top brand restaurants and hotels, schools, care homes, and hospitals.

Yes, Theaker Joinery recommends that they install your staircase and stair parts. They can also offer installation services for other joinery products.

Yes, Theaker Joinery can offer to fully decorate their products with a finish of your choice.

The timeframe for completion of a project will depend on the specific requirements of the project. Theaker Joinery understands that commercial projects demand quantity, quality, and quick turnaround times, and their systems are proven to achieve all of these criteria.

Yes, Theaker Joinery can provide references from previous clients upon request.

Yes, Theaker Joinery is insured.

Yes, Theaker Joinery offers a warranty on their products.

Yes, Theaker Joinery can work with architects and contractors to design and manufacture timber joinery for commercial and residential projects.

You can get a quote for a project with Theaker Joinery by contacting them via phone or email, or by filling out the contact form on their website. They will then work with you to determine the specific requirements of your project and provide you with a quote.